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The Advantages and Benefits
of Using Standardized Procurement

Cost Control and Reduction

Your Supply Programs (Office, Janitorial, Ink and Toner, Industrial, General MRO) aren’t considered fixed expenses, but you can control what’s purchased before it hits your inbox for approval. Using a supplier/customer controlled catalog directs your employees to the right purchase every time.

Blistering Speed

A custom online catalog using your supplier’s platform is a highly effective way to remove 100% of your rogue spend. Not only will your employees know which items they are supposed to buy, but they will spend less time searching for the supplies they need. In addition, the order approval will also become much more efficient.

Enterprise Procurement Technology

By using your suppliers technology platform, you can now put enterprise level procurement processes in the hands of your business without the financial burden of
paying for it.

Renewed Focus on Core Business

You may not be in the business of procurement, and becoming an expert in that area should not be an inevitable cost for you to bear. Focus on your core business and do what you do best.

Cost Reduction

More than 40% of all companies who use Standardized Procurement often find 1.5 to 3 times the savings than lowering the cost of goods

Other Benefits Include:

  • Standardized procurement often yields 1.5 to 3 times the amount of savings over and above lowering the cost of goods purchased.
  • An increase in “speed of purchase” using a custom online catalog of approved items
  • An increase in “speed of approval” using order approval workflows
  • Employees no longer have to worry about whether or not they are buying the right item for the job with a standardized catalog since everything is preapproved
  • Insight reporting allows the buyer to get a bird’s eye view of the product spend across the entire organization
  • Access to enterprise level procurement technology by leveraging your supplier’s web platform

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Customer Reviews

  • A little over a year ago we took a chance on a new, up and coming business supply vendor, Highbar Trading Co. and collectively, we could not be any happier. Each month I receive a spend analysis report which, among other things, screenshots what my different departments spending habits are and shows us what changes, if any, need to be made internally. They make me look like a rock star, plain and simple. But speaking of rock stars, I can’t forget to talk about Highbar’s customer service and their operations team. We are definitely not their largest customer but they treat us as if we are. We are forever grateful that we took a chance on the Miller-Light team at Highbar who believe in raising the bar a little higher each time they succeed and we are loving being a part of their success. Trust me, you will too.

    Vanessa Henley

    Memphis, TN

  • “Fast Delivery and Easy Invoicing are the two things that mattered most to me when deciding to go with Highbar Trading. They guaranteed that they would be able to provide me with the things that my business needed and they have more than delivered. I have over many locations that are in very remote parts of the state but as promised, my orders are still packed and delivered the very next day. In addition, having an accounting background, I have very specific requirements when it comes to invoicing that most companies cannot or don’t try to meet. Highbar Trading has worked with me to provide a system of invoicing that fits perfectly with the needs of my very busy schedule. I am very happy with my decision to give them a try

    Brittany Chandler

    MSHN Enterprises, LLC

  • Support Solutions partnered with Highbar Trading a year and a half ago for our office and janitorial supplies. Highbar was able to deliver to each one of our locations around the country with next day free delivery. Nine months into the partnership we sat down again to discuss further cost savings initiatives and they introduced a true standardized approach to our business by creating a custom online catalog. This made sure that every person was ordering the same product for the job across the organization. Putting the custom catalog into place saved us an additional 22% annually. Highbar knows how to implement a true standardized approach to any company with multiple users and locations and especially organizations who specialize in group living care.


    Memphis, TN

  • We've partnered with Highbar Trading for the past year, after previously working with a couple different large national companies for things like office and classroom supplies. The switch to Highbar put us in a position to still have access to the wide variety of (sometimes very specific) items we needed, but also provided us with a very personal experience. Having a dedicated person to contact directly with any questions or special situations is completely invaluable, and I can't think of many vendor partners of ours (in any industry) who work as hard or who make as much of an effort to know and understand our school as Todd Miller. We know that Todd and Highbar are in our corner, and will do whatever they can to make things smooth for us.

    Gus Connelly

    Middle School Principal

  • My experience with HighBar trading company has been exceptional. I always receive world-class customer service. The online ordering process for office supplies is simple and my products come the next day. The analytical reports set them apart from other vendors. It makes tracking purchases and spending easy. I have also been very pleased with the process of ordering bulk furniture. Once the order is placed I receive regular updates about the timeline. The HighBar team has been outstanding at servicing the two Freedom Preparatory Academy sites that I have managed.

    Stephanie Black-Hill

    Freedom Prep

  • I truly cannot Thank You enough for every minute of your help in all of our furniture orders. I had no idea what I was doing, and with your help I was able to successfully have everything here before school on Monday. Thank you for every email, every text, every phone call. Thank you for calming me down when I needed it but most of all Thanks for being you. What a blessing it is to have you on my side!! You’re the BEST.


    Memphis, TN

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