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You may have heard about the benefits of standardizing your purchases, but maybe you aren’t sure how it will help your business. Let me explain how having a standardized purchasing process can make your life easier and more profitable!

You’ll save time

Standardization reduces the time it takes to do things because you only have to make one decision, rather than multiple decisions based on your specific situation.

For example, if you standardize your purchases of office chairs, all you need to do is choose among the available options for an office chair and ask yourself whether the price is right. You don’t have to consider whether this particular chair will be effective or comfortable for each individual user; instead, you can focus on how much money it costs compared with other chairs within that category and make a purchasing decision accordingly. This reduces both the effort required by each person involved in making this purchase as well as any associated costs (such as paying someone who specializes in evaluating office chairs).

In other words: Standardization reduces the total amount of time spent considering different options before choosing one option over another

You’ll save money

Here are some of the most important ways that standardized purchasing can save you money:

  • You’ll reduce the cost of goods and services. Because you’re buying in bulk, you can get products at a lower price per unit than if you purchased each item separately. This applies to everything from pens to software licenses to office furniture.
  • You’ll reduce the cost of inventory. If your employees don’t have to spend time searching for items, they can focus on their work instead—which means less labor costs for your organization overall.
  • You’ll reduce administrative expenses related to purchasing materials and supplies by standardizing them as much as possible across all departments within your organization or company. This reduces overhead costs associated with each department’s unique needs (such as having different vendors).
  • Standardized purchasing helps eliminate training costs related specifically towards learning how each new vendor works with one another on projects together–and then there’s also the time spent when trying out different vendors’ products/services before actually deciding which ones will work best within an existing organizational framework.”

You’ll reduce errors and waste

If you standardize your purchases, you’ll reduce errors and waste. Here’s why:

  • Standardizing on one type of paper will ensure that everything printed is legible, easy to read and looks consistent.
  • Standardizing on one type of printer will allow you to use cheaper ink or toner cartridges because they’re designed for a specific brand of printer. You’ll also be able to use third-party replacement parts if something breaks down (instead of buying the expensive original manufacturer replacement part).
  • Standardizing on one type of computer means that all employees will be using the same operating system and software program(s) so there won’t be any confusion when sharing files or needing access to certain applications from home computers or laptops as well as from work desktops or laptops. This also makes it easier for employees who are looking for information about customers’ accounts because all data is stored in one database without having multiple versions scattered across different platforms/devices which could lead into duplicate entries among those who didn’t know better than not doing so!

You’ll increase compliance

  • Compliance is a moral requirement, not just a legal one.
  • Your company will improve its bottom line if you’re compliant, and this increases profits for everyone in the organization.
  • You’ll lower expenses and increase productivity by reducing risk and paying attention to details that matter most to your business’ sustainability.

You’ll ensure quality

Quality can be defined as fitness for use. It’s a measure of how well a product or service meets the needs of the customer and is not just a characteristic of the product, but also of the process that produces it. In other words, if you want to ensure that your supplier provides good quality products, you need to define what good means in your own organization and then make sure that their processes comply with this standard (and vice versa). If you don’t know what “good” looks like, ask yourself: Is it acceptable? Does it meet expectations? Is it adequate? Or does it exceed expectations?

It’s a lot easier to manage something if you keep it as simple as possible.

Standardization is a great way to make it easier to manage, control and make decisions about your purchases.

When you standardize your purchases, you can keep track of them much more easily. This helps with budgeting and forecasting as well because it’s not so difficult to analyze the overall spending in one area versus another if everything is done in a consistent manner.


The more you standardize your purchasing process, the better off you’ll be. It’s easier to manage, it’s more efficient, and it will save you money in the long run.

Save time and money

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