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Supply chain management is one of the most critical aspects of any business. As a supply partner, it’s important to consider how you can help your clients reduce costs and simplify their supply chain. Here are five ways you can be an extension of their organization:

Make sure your supply partner provides around-the-clock access.

You can be sure your supply partner will have your back when you need them to. After all, you wouldn’t want to work with a company that doesn’t offer around-the-clock access to a live person. And if it does take a while for someone to pick up the phone (or email), at least they should be knowledgeable about your business and responsive in their response time. They should also be empathetic: someone who knows how much stress goes into running an organization like yours is probably going to do everything they can to help you out of whatever jam you might find yourself in.

Ensure they have a standardized process for all account management activities.

  • Standardization is important because it allows for seamless communication and efficiency. When everyone in your organization is on the same page, you can more easily communicate with each other, share information and ideas, and work together as a team.
  • Standardization also helps with accountability. If all processes are standardized, then responsibilities are clear—and if there are any issues or problems that arise from those processes, they can be attributed to specific individuals who can then take responsibility for fixing them.
  • For example: Let’s say your supply partner doesn’t use standardized account management activities like logistics monitoring or market research. If something goes wrong (like an order gets lost), there will be no way of knowing who was responsible until after the fact—and so people may not even know what needs fixing until after another problem occurs!

Choose a team made up of experienced and compassionate individuals.

There are several ways experienced team members can be an extension of your organization. For example, when you’re starting a practice or expanding one, you’ll need help navigating the challenges involved in hiring and training staff and ensuring that all areas of your business operate smoothly. This can be especially true if your business becomes more successful than expected.

The same goes for staying profitable: If you need to make changes or react quickly to changing market conditions, having a seasoned supply partner will help keep your finances in order while allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients’ wellbeing.

Finally, if there’s anyone who knows how tough it is to maintain a patient base and stay competitive with other dentists in town (or across the country), it’s someone who’s been doing it for years! By partnering with an experienced supplier like Mercury Dental Supply Company today , they’ll give you access to all sorts of resources so that you never have any trouble connecting with patients again

Demand total transparency from your supply partner.

If you want to know what’s going on with your supply partner, ask. Plain and simple. This doesn’t mean that you should be constantly pestering them for updates or giving them a hard time if there are problems—your supply partner should be able to handle these things without feeling like they’ve done something wrong—but rather that they should expect questions from their customers at any time of the day or night. Asking questions when you need an answer helps foster open communication, which is critical for ensuring everyone is satisfied with the service being provided.

Consider how your supply partner can grow with you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering your supply partner. First, they should have the resources and capabilities to grow with you as your business grows. Whether it means offering new products or services or simply expanding their distribution network, having a partner who can expand with you is an important consideration.

Second, your supply partner should be able to adapt to changing needs quickly. If something doesn’t work out according to plan, does it take too long for them write contracts? Do they need years for approval processes? If so, this could be problematic for quick changes or unexpected situations.

Finally, look at how well their culture aligns with yours and how much value they add beyond just providing goods and services (like training). A good supply partner will offer more than just raw goods: they’ll help grow your business by offering valuable insights on how best use these goods!

Your supply partner should be available and flexible to your needs as a practice.

  • Your supply partner should be available and flexible to your needs as a practice.
  • For example, if you need to reach them after hours, they should be available by phone or email. If you are looking for some specific items that don’t fit into their regular hours, they should be willing to work with you outside of those standard times.
  • They should also be flexible with payment terms in order for the practice and the supplier to benefit from each other. A good supply partner will understand that sometimes funds are tight or there are unexpected expenses and will help out where needed without passing any extra costs on to the practice or making it hard on either party involved in this transaction.


If you’re going to work with a supply chain partner, you should expect them to be an extension of your organization. This is even more important if they are in charge of shipping and warehousing as they can use their resources as efficiently as possible. Supply chain partners are there to support your business, so make sure they know how best they can do that!

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