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May 28, 2019

Personal and consultative service drive success for startup

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 28, 2019 – Two years ago Justin Miller, Todd Miller, Ben Miller, and Mark Light started a journey to serve customers, whom they look at as business partners, by providing fast, efficient, and cost-saving operational commodities. That dream was Highbar Trading Co. and two years later, they are pleased to see their vision realized and growing to the tune of 217% year over year while their customers enjoy the digital, near friction-less, and consultative operating style of Highbar Trading Co.

“We know our customers have more important things to worry about than where the printer paper and ink are coming from and if they are getting the best price. We saw a need in the market for a digital-based business that not only provides same day or next day delivery of operational supplies but has the customer’s best interests in mind. We know the best way to keep customers is to save them money and hassle and that’s what we work hard to do every day,” said Todd Miller, co-founder of Highbar Trading Co.

The success of Highbar Trading Co. is fed from the over 40 years of experience of the team of four and operational tactics such as corporate product provider programs, standardization, business reviews, usage reports and convenient same day or next day delivery options with no minimum needed to order. Highbar Trading touts 44 distribution centers around the United States that give them the autonomy to provide the next day, free delivery with no minimum order option across the country.

“Corporate provider programs such as our HP programs are an area where we see companies really enjoying cost-saving benefits,” said Justin Miller, co-founder of Highbar Trading.

As an official HP partner, Highbar Trading Co. offers HP programs such as HP Big Deal, HP Hardware, and HP Purchase Edge. These programs offer customized pricing options for companies meeting certain criteria and have been proven to benefit the bottom line of those participating.  More information can be found atwww.highbartrading.com.

Highbar Trading Co. works to get every department or ordering contact on the same page. Many times, savings are found by standardizing company needs. Ongoing business reviews and usage reports allow Highbar Trading Co. to analyze a company’s evolving needs and offer suggestions for cost savings. Easy, convenient online ordering and personal consultants that are only a phone call away are other factors that contribute to the success of Highbar Trading Co.

About Highbar Trading:

Highbar Trading Co. is a digital organization which distributes operational commodities with a low cost to serve using a technology-driven approach to the market place. Instead of stocking thousands of items, we use a virtual inventory platform to fulfill the needs of our customers with next day national delivery and even same day delivery in some markets. By using a digital approach to the market place it has allowed our company to quickly expand into new product categories such as industrial supplies, packaging, safety products, lab supplies and more. Highbar Trading Co. uses 44 virtual inventory fulfillment centers across the country with access to 1000+ manufacturers from a single source. The company was founded by Justin Miller, Todd Miller, Ben Miller, and Mark Light. The team has a combined 40+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Information Technology, and Finance.

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