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Do you need a 24/7 assistant?  There is no doubt that it would alleviate many concerns about not getting everything crossed off of the list for the day, most likely increase peace of mind, and undoubtedly optimize your time to complete more important tasks.  The question is, how do you obtain this personalized service?  Also, sounds expensive, how much does it cost?  One way to ensure that this happens is by partnering with a operational commodity supplier that has the flexibility to offer such capabilities.    Having a service that offers an extension of your organization is both offered and should be free of charge.

Many people including myself make lists everyday.  Sometimes I feel like a circus clown, questioning, how many objects can I juggle at one time?  For office manager’s, assistant’s, CFO’s, and other decision maker’s, having someone on call 24/7 regarding projects and operational supplies can be essential.  Let’s face it, running to your local supply store can be time consuming, and a liability, not to mention gas prices keep increasing, and can get costly.

Peace of mind is important for all of us.  Someone you can count on to safeguard the many jobs you have throughout the day can definitely cut down on stress.

What if you could eliminate all of the daily tasks of replenishing supplies when running out of this toner or copy paper?  Or even worse, running out of soap or toilet paper?  Not good.  All of these nightmares can be alleviated!

Time is the arguably the most precious commodity we all have.  To have more of it would be nice, wouldn’t it?  Having a personal assistant can increase time throughout the day, week, month, and year.  So, if you want to save time, and work on more important tasks, reach out to your local supplier, and request the personal service you deserve! To see our info-graphic or learn more about Assistant 247, click here.

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